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ERR: Urban Rustic Thai - Signed by Bo & Dylan

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We are proud to offer "Err: Urban Rustic Thai", the culinary brainchild of Michelin-starred chefs Duangporn (Bo) Songvisava and Dylan Jones. The pair have made their mark on the global culinary scene with their celebrated Bangkok-based restaurants, Bo.lan and Err. Their unique approach to Thai cuisine earned them a Michelin star for Bo.lan and featured them on Netflix's renowned series, Chef's Table.

Now, they bring their innovation and love for rustic Thai flavours to home kitchens through this bilingual cookbook in Thai and English. This book features many recipes, from hearty dishes like fermented pork sausage and Thai-style arancini filled with fermented fish to vibrant salads and robust curries that capture the essence of Bangkok's lively street food scene over 272 pages.

The chefs also provide a helpful glossary of unique ingredients and cooking techniques, enabling readers to delve deeper into the authentic flavours of Thai cuisine. The hardcover edition is visually stunning, with colour photographs by Paolo Barata showcasing not just the enticing dishes but also Bangkok's energetic street and market scenes.

These specially imported books come uniquely signed by the authors, a testament to their personal touch and passion. "Err: Urban Rustic Thai" offers a culinary journey and an intimate experience with the ethos and flavours that have recognised Bo and Dylan's approach to Thai cuisine globally.